Galea organic mediterranean mimosa recipe

Galea Organic Mediterranean Mimosa

Our take on this classic combo is made with the best...

Galea organic mulled wine sangria recipe

Galea Organic Mulled Wine

It is the perfect drink for parties, family festivities and romantic...

Galea organic rose frizzante sangria recipe

Galea Organic Rosé Frizzante Sangria

Serve Galea Rosé sangria  over ice with a lemon twist and...

Galea organic white frizzante sangria recipe

Galea Organic White Frizzante Sangria

Galea White sangria is a wonderful fruit forward beverage perfect for...

Galea organic red frizzante sangria recipe

Galea Organic Red Frizzante Sangria

Serve cold over ice and garnished with citrus and even a...

Enjoy our Mediterranean sangria beautifully crafted in Spain made with a fine selection of organic wines harmoniously blended with organic ingredients.

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