The essence of the Mediterranean is reflected in each Galea Drink. The red, white, rose sangrias, the mimosa and the mulled wine are passionately crafted with organic wines, fruits and a sophisticated frizzante touch that delights your senses. 

Summer or winter, day or night, oceanside or rural sites, Galea offers refreshing bottled drinks ready to open and enjoy.  

Our handcrafted sangria, mimosa and mulled wine recipe with natural ingredients and aromas carefully blended make each sip experience the Spanish lifestyle and tradition. We bring the Galea experience to you, your family and friends. 

Galea are low sugar, low alcohol drinks. Be creative, garnish with your favorite fruits or add a touch of the liquor of your choice, and make this cocktail recipe yours!

We seal our passion in each bottle to maintain its great flavor down to the last drop. Not to miss that the bottle is recyclable and reusable.

Be part of the Galea Drink Experience… pour over ice, & enjoy!