Galea Red

Is an organic red wine sangria. Made in Barcelona, the heart of the Mediterranean coast, it has been crafted with the best organic grapes from Tempranillo, Merlot & Syrah and selected organic aromas as Orange & Cassis. A unique red sangria recipe made only with natural ingredients.

The quality of the organic grapes that we carefully select, bring to you all the flavors from the Mediterranean coast, sun, breeze and sea. GALEA with only 7% alcohol, has less sugar and calories than a red sangria recipe made at home or by a mixologist, but we keep all the crafted taste! The “frizzante” touch, very well integrated, gives an special freshness and finish to the palate. Delicious!

Enjoy with great friends, at any sunset, party or your favorite beach. Spread love as we did when created it. Serve with plenty of ice and your favorite fruits to enjoy the best red wine sangria. Salud!




Orange & Cassis


Tempranillo, Merlot & Syrah

Enjoy our Mediterranean sangria beautifully crafted in Spain made with a fine selection of organic wines harmoniously blended with organic ingredients.

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